KANUMA Grade size 3-6mm


A granular Japanese Potting Medium for Ericaceous (Acid Loving) Bonsai. Acidic, soft, highly water and nutrient retentive soil used primarily with Satsuki azaleas. Can be easily crushed so must be careful when working Kanuma soil around the root ball. This particular Bonsai potting mix comes from the Kanuma Area of Japan which is basically the center of Azalea Bonsai Growing. Again, you must understand as with Akadama, that Kanuma soil is the stuff that the Japanese have out in their back yards ... it's their "dirt." This material is dug out from 10 feet down, allowed to dry, crushed, and then sorted as to grain sizes. This Bonsai potting mix is more acidic than Akadama, and therefore, used mainly for Azaleas, Camellias, Gardenias, and other acid-loving Bonsai.