High-quality horticultural charcoal is of great benefit in potting mixes.  As a permanent source of carbon, charcoal acts as a sponge to hold onto water and nutrients (having a high cation exchange capacity or CEC) and has a very large surface area - making it an ideal home for millions of beneficial soil microbes.

Biochar increases the soil fertility of acidic soil, increase agricultural productivity, and provide protection against some foliar and soil-borne diseases


Key benefits of using horticulture charcoal in your soil are:

  •  Lowers pH of alkaline soils which improves mineral uptake by plants
  •  Increases nutrient holding capacity in the root zone.
  •  Supports soil microbial activity which helps feed your plants.
  •  Provides a high level of silicon which improves plant disease resistance
  •  Provides high levels of iron which combats iron deficiency and leaf chlorosis.
  •  Low phosphorus levels make it safe for use on native plants.
  •  Excellent addition to compost bins and can reduce smells.
  •  Improves wettability and water holding capacity in sandy soils
  •  Increases soil organic matter and carbon levels on a permanent basis.
  •  Improves paramagnetism


• Cation Exchange Capacity: 24
• Paramagnetism: 750
• Organic matter content 96%
• Conductivity (1:5 water) 0.057 mS/cm
• High silicon content 161 ppm
• High iron content 182 ppm
• Low phosphorus 13 ppm
Application Rates:
• A minimum of 2-5 lts / m² is recommended. Apply higher rates on sandy soils.
• Turn into the top 100 mm of soil.
• Add between 10% by volume to potting mixes
• Add up to 40% by volume when a low pH growing medium is required.
• Add up to 10% by volume when making compost to support microbial activity

Horticulture charcoal is non-toxic and safe to use for all plants. It is Certified Organic. The use of a dust mask is recommended when this product is dry as fine dust particles may become airborne.
horticulture charcoal should not be applied where a source of ignition could ignite a high concentration of airborne particles.